FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What does it cost me to book an appointment?
Nothing. Booking appointments is free of charge for you.

Is the appointment binding?
Yes. An online appointment is binding in the same manner as an appointment booked with your doctor on the telephone and is subject to the same legal conditions.

How can I postpone or cancel an appointment?
Call the practice and arrange a new appointment or cancel the appointment. Please contact the practice 24h in advance. The doctor may otherwise charge you for the appointment.

Why can't I find my doctor at docbox.ch?
Not all doctors arrange appointments online. Inform your doctor that you would like to book appointments online and that this can be done easily with docbox®.

I have an emergency and need a doctor. My doctor does not have any appointments available at short notice, however. What shall I do?
Call the practice. Many doctors have appointments specially reserved for emergencies which cannot be booked online.

My doctor only offers appointments for specific types of examination/treatment, but I need an appointment for something else. What should I do?
Call the practice to book an appointment. The doctor can define which types of examinations and treatment can be booked online. Ask your doctor why the treatment you require is not available for booking online.

Why do I have to register with some doctors before I can book an appointment?
The doctor defines whether all patients or only their own existing patients can book appointments online. If only existing patients can book appointments, you will be identified via your log-in.

I am an existing patient, but am nevertheless unable to book an appointment with my doctor. Why?
The doctor first has to confirm you as an existing patient. You can send a request for activation of the booking function directly to your doctor in docbox® by logging in, clicking on an available appointment with your doctor and answering the question "Would you like to request the doctor to enable the appointment booking function for you?" with "Yes".
Alternatively, you can contact your doctor.

Are my data secure?
We take data security seriously. docbox® belongs to a Swiss company and saves the data at a data centre in Switzerland. The collection and storage of data are subject to Swiss law, ensuring corresponding protection for the data.

What is docbox®?
docbox® is a registered trademark of the company visionary AG. docbox® links doctors with various interested parties via the internet. Patients can use the docbox® e-appointments module to book doctors' appointments online via www.docboxtermin.ch. For further information about visionary AG, see also About us.

At last, it is possible to book doctors' appointments online! But my doctor has not yet signed up for the arrangement of appointments via docbox. What should I do?

Ask your doctor, dentist or special doctor why they do not arrange appointments via docbox.
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